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IDYMA (Kozlukuyu) Turkey.

City in Caria 18 km S of Muğla. It first appears as a member of the Delian Confederacy, until ca. 440 B.C. At this time it was ruled by a dynast Paktyes, and then or a little later struck silver drachmas with the head of Pan and a fig leaf. At some time before 200 B.C. the city became subject to Rhodes; later it separated again, but was recovered by the Rhodian general Nikagoras (SIG 586).

The acropolis is on a spur of the mountain ca. 300 m above the village, and may be reached from the main road which passes above it. The fortification wall, of variable quality, encloses an oval space some 200 m long; there are remains of a small fort on the central part of the crest, but little else in the interior. On the S side are traces of an outer circuit enclosing a much larger area, which was evidently the inhabited part of the site. Lower down is a group of rock tombs including a fine architectural tomb in Ionic style, and at the foot of the mountain, beside the present road W of Kozlukuyu, is another group of five, of which two are Ionic temple tombs; the others are simpler. These architectural tombs probably date from the dynastic period around 400 B.C.


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