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KANDIANIKA Messenia, Greece.

About 80 stadia from ancient Koroni (at Petalidi, cf. p. 463) was located (Paus. 4.34.7) the ancient Sanctuary of Apollo Kory(n)thos, where two cult statues of the god were displayed. During the excavations of Versakis, which were held N of the Kandianika village, a part of this sanctuary was discovered. The cult of Apollo started during the early archaic period and continued until the end of the Roman era. Four temples were built, of which the 3d (γ) peripteral with 6 x 12 columns dating back to the archaic period was erected on the spot of the 1st (δ). The 4th (α), built close to the 2d (β), during the Hellenistic period, survived through the Roman period. There was a guesthouse and, at least during the Roman period, a triclinium. On the site of the 3d temple was built an Early Christian basilica and later the St. Andreas Church.

Among the bronze finds of the sanctuary should be mentioned archaic and Classical idols (one depicting a hoplite), and especially swords and spear-butts with engraved dedications to Athena and Apollo (Apollo may originally have been worshiped as a warlike god, though later he was greatly honored as healer of diseases).


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