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LAVELLO Potenza, Lucania, Italy.

A center on the right bank of the Ofanto river 12.8 km from Melfi. It was inhabited from the beginning of the Iron Age. The larger hill, La Gravetta, of the two small hills on which it stood was the site in Classical and Hellenistic time of a settlement with defensive works and an urban plan.

Traces of Early Iron Age huts and tombs are in evidence at some distance from La Gravetta, but during the 6th c. B.C., the growing necropolis spread in this direction.

Late archaic and Classical antefixes from sacred buildings have been unearthed, specifically from the area of the modern cemetery. These are of the Tarentum-Metapontion style and resemble those of Daunia, particularly those at Arpi. The Gorgon is the typical decorative motif, handled in a rather sketchy fashion. Other Classical motifs represent bulls or flowers, bearing little resemblance to Lucanian or Apulian antefixes and even less to those of the Greek coastal colonies.

The first Greek products, the so-called Ionic cups and bronzes, appeared in the settlement and its necropolis in the second half of the 6th c. B.C. Daunian pottery also appeared, as well as helmets of the Apulian-Corinthian type and a few examples of pottery used in central Lucania. There is only slight evidence for the use of Greek products through the second half of the 5th c. but it increases in the 4th c., particularly during the second half. The tombs of this period usually exhibit a roofing of rubble and a long dromos as at nearby Melfi and Arpi.

The center began to decline in the 3d c. B.C., the inhabitants scattering to the large farms and villages of Gaudiano and Boreano and to the area today called Chiesa del Diavolo.


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