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LE BRUSC (“Tauroention”) Var, France.

Located on the seacoast ca. 50 km E of Marseille, Le Brusc was very probably (in spite of contrary assertions: cf. Saint-Cyr sur Mer) the site of the port of Ταυροεντιον (or Ταυροεις), cited by Strabo (4.1.9) as a Massaliot establishment like Olbia, Antipolis, and Nikaia. Later the name was Romanized as Tauroentum. The Hellenistic and Roman town occupied the site of the modern Citadelle district. It was surrounded by a rampart of tufa in opus quadratum; old excavations found traces of it. The town was fed by an aqueduct, a good-sized section of which has been discovered. Floors of dwellings have been uncovered; they are made of clay, limestone, and crude mosaics of Hellenistic date. The coins and the ceramic material date from the 3d c. B.C. to the 3d c. A.D. continuously. They thus lead one to date the founding of Tauroention to the same period as that of Olbia. The island of Les Embiez which faces Le Brusc has produced more ancient remains (5th c. B.C.).


L. Fiessinger, Les fouilles du Brusc (1898); E. Duprat, Tauroentum (1935); Gallia 6 (1948) 215.


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