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MELLI (“Milyas”) Turkey.

City in Pisidia, 20 km SE of Bucak. Milyas is recorded only by Ptolemy, who places it in Pamphylia, subsection Kabalia; some scholars have doubted whether it really existed. The location at Melli depends solely on the similarity of name.

The ruins lie on a hill ca. 1.6 km SE of the village. The circuit wall of coursed polygonal masonry is fairly well preserved and probably of early Hellenistic date. On the NE is a theater; the rows of seats, partly cut in the rock wall, are few for the size of the caven. The stage building has collapsed; behind it is a long narrow building still 6 m high, with regular courses of bossed ashlar and seven doors in its outer face. The N slope is covered with a mass of stones from ruined buildings, including a number with inscriptions. On the adjoining hill to the NW is a handsome rock-cut monument reminiscent of early monuments in Phrygia; it is probably a cult facade rather than a tomb. It carries no inscription.


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