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POIKILASION (Voukoliasi) Greece.

Small city in the Sphakia district on the S coast of W Crete, E of Syia and W of Tarrha. On a small bay cut off from the interior by the White Mountains, it is barely accessible except by sea and has little agricultural land. Little is known of its history; in the 3d c. B.C. it was a member of the league of Oreioi, and its gods are mentioned in the league's treaty with Magas of Kyrene (see Lisos). It is mentioned only by Ptolemy (3.15.3: site wrongly placed E of Tarrha) and a coastal pilot (Stadiasmus 330: Poikilassos, a city with an anchorage and water). No coins can definitely be ascribed to it, and it may never have been an independent city. A Temple of Serapis was consecrated or reconsecrated in the 3d c. A.D.

A few remains of houses survive on ancient terraces on the inland side of the valley at the mouth of the Tripiti gorge, about 1.6 km from the sea; there is now no safe anchorage, but if the relative sea level was some 6 m higher in antiquity there would have been at least a sheltered creek at the river mouth.


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