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SALSOVIA (Mahmudia) Dobrudja, Romania.

A Roman-Byzantine city on the right bank of the Danube 25 km E of Aegyssus. It is mentioned by the ancient itineraries on the road from Aegyssus to Histria (Tab. Peut. 8.4; Ant. It. 226.3; Geog. Rav. 4.5.14). It was built of stone and covered an area 150 by 120 m. An inscription of A.D. 322 documents a castrum at the beginning of the 4th c. and a vexillatio commanded by a praepositus, belonging probably to Legio I Iovia with headquarters at Noviodunum. During the Late Empire Salsovia was a garrison for milites quinti Constantiani (Not. Dig. or. 39.26) and in the 6th c. an episcopal residence (De Boor, Not. Episc. 532).


V. Pârvan, Salsovia (1906); J. Weiss, Die Dobrudscha im Altertum (1911) 54-55; R. Vulpe, Histoire Ancienne de la Dobroudja (1938) 301, 345.


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