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SCHOINOUS (Kalamaki) Corinthia, Greece.

The diolkos, a paved roadway for transporting ships and cargo across the Isthmus of Corinth, terminated at Schoinous on the Saronic Gulf (Strab. 8.6.4, 22; 9.1.2; Pompon. 2.48; Ptol. 3.16.13; Plin. HN 4.7). According to Schol. on Pindar Isthm. Argum., the body of Melikertes, who was worshiped as the god Palaimon at the Isthmian Sanctuary, was carried here by a dolphin.


IG IV2 71, lines 23-24. H. N. Fowler & R. Stillwell, Corinth I, i: Introduction. Topography. Architecture (1932) 49; J. R. Wiseman, The Land of the Ancient Corinthians (forthcoming).


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