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SEBASTEIA Pontus, Turkey.

This is almost certainly the same as Megalopolis, which Pompey founded (64 B.C.) in the southernmost region of Mithridates' former kingdom. Parts of the city's large territory were transferred by Antony to Comana Pontica and to the Galatian chieftain Ateporix. At a later stage Megalopolis belonged to Pythodoris of Pontus. The name Sebasteia is likely to commemorate a refoundation when the city was annexed to Galatia between 2-1 B.C. and A.D. 1-2. Sebasteia had metropolitan status from the time of Verus. In Diocletian's reorganization of the provinces it became metropolis of Armenia Prima.

Sebasteia evidently lay at or near modern Sivas on the Kizil Irmak (Halys fl.). Excavation on the citadel of Topraktepe in Sivas has revealed nothing Roman, and the exact site remains to be discovered.


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