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TAŞYAKA (“Krya”) Turkey.

Krya was a town in Lycia or Caria, probably at Taşyaka, formerly Charopia, on the shore of a small bay 8 km N of the headland of Kapi Daği, on the W side of the gulf of Fethiye. Krya figures in the Athenian tribute lists with a tribute of one-third of a talent, and is mentioned by Pliny, Mela, Artemidorus ap. Steph. Byz., and in the Stadiasmus. Its general situation on the gulf of Fethiye appears clearly from the authorities, and no more probable site is known than that at Taşyaka, though no actual proof is available. The site is very small, comprising a tiny acropolis on a steep hill with remains of an early wall and a tower, approached by a rock-cut stairway. On the shore is an Ionic temple tomb with an inscription in Carian. Krya is said to have possessed islands in the gulf, and is called by Pliny Crya fugitivorum, though the reason for this is not known. It is in any case to be clearly distinguished from the Rhodian deme of Kryassos.


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