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TYMNOS (Bozburun) Turkey.

City in Caria 27 km SW of Marmaris, a deme of the incorporated Rhodian Peraea, attached to the city of Kamiros. The town lies on a fine harbor, referred to by Mela (1.84) as sinus Thymnias. Tymnos was previously placed at Selimiye (formerly Losta), 3 km to the N, where numerous epitaphs of Tymnians are found, but this would in any case be on Tymnian territory. Bozburun is not only by far the finer site, but has produced many inscriptions, including a decree of the koinon of the Tymnians, and one of the few dedications to Roman emperors and magistrates found in the Peraea. Neither site has any standing ruins of consequence.


M. Chaviaras, ArchEph (1911) 68-69; P. M. Fraser & G. E. Bean, The Rhodian Peraea (1954) 39-43, 61, 80.


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