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FORUM POPILLII (Polla) Province of Salerno, Campania, Italy.

An important station on the Via Popilia from Capua to Reggio Calabria, on the N pass of the upper valley of the Tanagro at the confluence of the trans-Apennine routes from the interior areas of Campania, Sannio, Apulia, Lucania, and Bruzio.

The name is documented by the Peutinger Table and by the geographer of Ravenna. Mommsen has proposed that the same designation existed for the road since a well-known inscription, the lapis Pollae (CIL X, 6950), still exists in the same place as the Forum itself, where it must have been attached as an autoelogium to the base of an honorific statue. It states that the person to whom the monument was dedicated, but whose name is unknown though it must have been recorded on the plinth of the no longer extant statue, not only constructed the “Forum . . . heic,” but also the road from Reggio to Capua.


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