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GILDA (Souk el Arba de Sidi-Slimane) Morocco.

Ancient city of the S region of Mauretania Tingitana, mentioned in the Antonine Itinerary (23.4), Mela, and Ptolemy. Its name appears stamped on some tegulae found at the Souk el Arba of Sidi-Slimane, 1.5 km S of the village, where remains of a Roman settlement were discovered in a loop of the wadi Beth. The extent of these ruins and their topography are undetermined, but chance finds and some digging have revealed two funerary inscriptions, a number of bronze statuettes and fragments, coins, and an abundance of pottery. At the village of Sidi-Slimane a Libyan inscription has been found, and a tumulus tomb dating from the 3d-2d c. B.C. was uncovered in early excavations.


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