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GORGIPPIA (Anape) Kuban.

A city on the Taman peninsula mentioned by Strabo (11.2.10). It dates to the 6th c. B.C. The Greeks set up an emporium on the site, which was inhabited by the Sindi (Ps.-Scymn. Periplus 72), and named it in honor of a member of the Spartocid dynasty. In the 3d c. A.D. it was destroyed by the Goths but it made a brief recovery before its final decline in the 4th c.

With an area of 20 ha, the city was almost equal in importance to Phanagoria, whose prosperity like Gorgippia's derived from the wheat trade. The city's most prosperous period was the 3d c. B.C. Excavations have revealed remains of dwellings, two wine-making establishments, a potter's kiln, a main street. Greek inscriptions prove that the city aristocracy was Hellenized to a considerable extent: the names of the native victors of the agones, held in honor of Hermes, are Greek, as is shown in the list from the 3d c. B.C.

The necropolis, which dates from the 4th c. B.C., consists of simple tombs and a series of kurgans lining the roads to the city. The burial chambers were roofed with a false cupola of stone. Archaeological finds include Attic red-figure and black-glazed ware, Bosporan ware decorated with watercolor, and hand-thrown vessels produced locally. Particularly noteworthy are the portrait of an inhabitant and some funerary reliefs of local origin. The Hermitage Museum contains material from the site.


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