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KITALON Bosporus.

A Greek city on the N coast of the Black Sea 40 km SW of Kerch near Zavetnoe. It probably dates to the 4th-5th c. B.C. (Ps. Skyl., 10.68; Plin. HN 4.86).

In the 4th-3d c. the city was surrounded by walls 2.5 m thick and these were reinforced in the Roman period by a second circle of ramparts. The city was a fort of major importance against the Scythian nomadic tribes. On the outskirts is a kurgan necropolis belonging to the Hellenized Scythians who inhabited the city. Another necropolis from the Roman period (2d-3d c.) contains tombs decorated with frescos representing warriors, teams of horses, and ships. Particularly noteworthy are a sundial of the 2d c. A.D. with a relief of a bull's head in the center (Kerch Museum); from the 3d c. A.D. an offering table of stone with a Greek inscription colitaining a reference to a temple; and several other Greek funerary inscriptions with non-Greek names. The Hermitage and Kerch museums contain material from the site.


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