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973. A predicate substantive agrees with its subject in case: Μιλτιάδης ἦν στρατηγός Miltiades was a general.

974. A predicate substantive may agree in gender and number with its subject; but this is often impossible: τύχη τὰ θνητῶν πρά_γματα the affairs of mortals are chance Trag. frag. p. 782, ““πάντ᾽ ἦν ἈλέξανδροςAlexander was everythingD. 23.120.

975. A predicate substantive or adjective agrees with the subject of the governing verb when the subject of the infinitive is omitted because it is the same as that of the governing verb (937): ““οὐχ ὁμολογήσω ἄκλητος ἥκεινI shall not admit that I have come uninvitedP. S. 174d, ““εἴπερ ἀξιοῦμεν ἐλεύθεροι εἶναιif indeed we claim to be freeX. C. 8.1.4.

On the agreement of demonstrative and relative pronouns with a predicate substantive, see 1239, 2502 e.

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