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333 e, D. Hom. always, Hdt. rarely, has the final ν.

f. The dual rarely has separate feminine forms.

g. The deictic suffix -ι_ may be added to demonstratives for emphasis. Before it α, ε, ο are dropped. Thus, ὁδί_ this man here, ἡδί_, τοδί_, G. τουδί_, τησδί_, etc.; οὑτοσί_, αὑτη^ί_, τουτί_, οὑτοι^ί_, τουτωνί_. So with other demonstratives and with adverbs: τοσουτοσί_, οὑτωσί_, ὡδί_. For -ι_ we have, in comedy, -γι_ or (rarely) -δι_ formed from γε), δε) + ί_. Thus, αὑτηγί_, τουτογί_, τουτοδί_.

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