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Black-Figure Vases

The Achilles Painter also worked in a third technique, black-figure. Several prize Panathenaic amphorai, all from his later career, have been attributed to him. The Athena on the front of them seems to derive from those on the Berlin Painter's Panathenaics, particularly the Gorgoneion shield device which is a hallmark of this workshop. The athletic scenes on the reverses show variety, and include both long-distance runners, sprinters, and discus-throwers. The runners, in particular, owe something to the Berlin Painter's.1 On several vases new iconographical schemata are introduced by the Achilles Painter. For example, he is the first to combine a scene of the proclamation of the victor with the event,2 as illustrated by a Panathenaic amphora in Bologna.3

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3 Bologna, Museo Civico 18039; ABV, 409, 1; Para., 177; Beazley Addenda 2, 106.

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