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The Achilles Painter and the Berlin Painter

A solitary figure against a black background is a composition the Achilles Painter derived from his teacher, the Berlin Painter,1 as is the pattern used in the band underneath Achilles. Beazley referred to it as ULFA, short for "upper, lower, facing alternately," that is, stopt meanders facing alternately right and left, divided by saltire squares attached alternately to the upper and lower border. The Achilles Painter favored it, as did other artists working in the Berlin Painter's tradition, including those in the Achilles Painter's workshop. The use of this motif helps one trace the Berlin Painter's workshop and his tradition during its seventy-five year history (ca. 500-425 B.C.).

1 See most recently C. M. Cardon, The Berlin Painter and his School, diss. New York University 1977; Kurtz 1983; Robertson 1992, 66-83 and 198.

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