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Early Middle or Transitional Period

In the next period, the workshop collaboration with Euphronios appears to have ended. Douris is his own potter in one documented instance in this period, the signed kantharos in Brussels (Brussels A 718,


). Douris also collaborated with the potter Kleophrades, and he began his long association with the potter Python. Chairestratos is still the favorite kalos-name but there are others, among them Panaitios, which is found on many cups by Onesimos as well. Douris' figures have now become more naturalistic, they move easily and stand gracefully. His talent as a master of composition and his ability as a subtle story-teller become apparent.

In this period Douris experiments with two different approaches to vase decoration, one a "rich style," characterized by more crowded compositions, elaborately patterned drapery, complex, often unusual, ornamental borders, unusual schemes of decoration such as zoned cups, and full use of linear detail juxtaposed with dilute and regular strength glaze. Douris used the rich style mainly for mythological subjects. In the "bare style" Douris focused on athletic and courting scenes which called for less crowded compositions and simple ornamental schemes. In these cups Douris could experiment with drawing the male body in a variety of poses.

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