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Scenes of Competiteion and Sacrifice

Both competition and sacrifice scenes were frequently represented by Polygnotan painters. One of the most unusual of the former is the torch race on a bell krater in the manner of the Peleus Painter in the Harvard University collection (Harvard 1960.344;


).1 The bearded man standing next to the altar should be the archon basileus, wearing the ependytes indicative of his ritual role here. The bronze hydria, known to have been awarded as a prize for the lampadedromion, should signify that this is the race shown. The increasing frequency of sacrifice scenes that typifies Classical vase painting in general is also reflected in the Polygnotan workshop, as is the parallel growth in popularity of departure-of-warrior scenes. Sacrifices to Apollo appear on a number of Polygnotan vases, notably on a stamnos by Polygnotos (Gotha, Schlossmuseum 51),2 on the Kleophon Painter's Ferrara krater (Ferrara, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Spina 44894 (T.57 C VP)),3 and on a bell krater also by the Kleophon Painter in Agrigento (Agrigento, Museo Regionale AG 4688).4

A sacrifice on a third krater by the Kleophon Painter now in Boston has been associated with the Oligarchs because of the names the painter has given to the sacrificers (Boston 95.25; CB no. 167).5

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