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[1310] διαπέταται (MSS.) is unquestionably corrupt. The view that these are anapaests of the “freer kind ” ( “ex liberioribus, ” Herm.) does not explain a verse which is not anapaestic at all. διαπωτᾶται is far the most probable remedy. The epic πωτᾶσθαι, which Pind. uses, is admissible in lyrics. When there is no caesura after the 2nd foot, there is usually one in the 3rd: cp. however Aesch. PB 172καί μ᾽ οὔ τι μελιγλώσσοις πειθους”: and Aristoph. Birds 536, Aristoph. Peace 1002. Cp. Soph. OC 1771διακωλύσω μεν ἰόντα φόνον.” The wilder and more rugged effect of such a rhythm makes it preferable here to φθογγὰ φοράδην διαπωτᾶται, though the hiatus before ἰὼ (in 1311) would be justified by the pause. To the conjecture πέτεται(or πέταται)it may be objected that the notion of dispersed sounds supports the compound with διά. Hermann simply omitted διαπέταται, dividing thus: αἰαῖ δύστανος τλάμων; πᾶ μοι φθογγὰ φοπάδην; Bergk, πᾶ μοι φθογγά; διά μοι πέταται φοράδην. Schneidewin (ed. Nauck) πᾶ μοι φθογγά; φοράδην, δαῖμον, ἐνήλω.

φοράδην = “in the manner of that which is carried ”; here correlative to φέρεσθαι as said of things which are swept onward by a tide or current: thus, of persons deficient in self-restraint, Plat. Theaet. 144bᾁττοντες φέρονται ὥσπερ τὰ ἀνερμάτιστα πλοῖα,” they are hurried away on currents like boats without ballast: Plat. Crat. 411cῥεῖν καὶ φέρεσθαι”: Plat. Rep. 496dπνεῦμα φερόμενον.” He has newly lost the power of seeing those to whom he speaks. He feels as if his voice was borne from him on the air in a direction over which he has no control. With the use of the adverb here, cp. βάδην, δρομάδην, σύδην. Elsewhere φοράδην is parallel with φέρεσθαι as = to be carried, instead of walking: Eur. Andr. 1166φοράδην ... δῶμα πελάζει,” i.e. borne in a litter: Dem. 54.20ὑγιὴς ἐξελθὼν φοράδην ἦλθον οἴκαδε.” Such adverbs in -δην, which were probably accusatives cognate to the notion of the verb, are always formed from the verbal stem, (a) directly, like βά-δην, or (b) with modified vowel and inserted α, like φοράδην instead of * φερδην, σποράδην instead of * σπερδην.

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