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[24] βυθῶν “from the depths,” i.e. out of the trough of the waves which rise around. Cp. Soph. Ant. 337περιβρυχίοισιν περῶν ὑπ᾽ οἴδμασιν,under swelling waves which threaten to engulf him. Arat. 426 ὑπόβρυχα ναυτίλλονται. φοινίου here merely poet. for θανασίμου, as Soph. Trach. 770φοινίας ἐχθρᾶς ἐχίδνης ἰός”: Soph. OC 1689φόνιος Ἀΐδας.” But in Soph. Aj. 351φοινία ζάλη”= the madness which drove Ajax to bloodshed. ἔτ᾽ οὐχ οἵα τε: for position of ἔτ᾽, cp. Soph. Trach. 161ὡς ἔτ᾽ οὐκ ὤν”, Soph. Phil. 1217ἔτ᾽ οὐδέν εἰμι.” With οἷός τε the verb is often omitted, as 1415, Soph. OC 1136, Soph. Trach. 742, Aristoph. Kn. 343.

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