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[421] ποῖος Κιθαιρὼν vigorous for ποῖον μέρος Κιθαιρῶνος.

τὸν ὑμέναιον ὃν εἰσέπλευσας the marriage into which thou didst sail: δόμοις, in the house, local dat. (381): the marriage(ὑμέναιος, here = γάμος) was the haven into which he sailed, —a haven which seemed secure, but which, in reality, was for him a ὅρμος ἄνορμος.

εὐπλοίας τυχών because Oed. seemed to have found ὄλβος, and also because the gale of fortune had borne him swiftly on: cp. οὔθ᾽ ὁρῶν οὔθ᾽ ἱστορῶν, 1484. —The ὑμέναιος was the song sung while the bride and bridegroom were escorted to their home, Hom. Il. 18.492νύμφας δ᾽ ἐκ θαλάμων δαΐδων ὑπὸ λαμπομενάων ἠγίνεον ἀνὰ ἄστυ, πολὺς δ᾽ ὑμέναιος ὀρώρει,” as distinguished from the ἐπιθαλάμιον afterwards sung before the bridal chamber: Soph. Ant. 813οὔθ᾽ ὑμεναίων ἔγκληρον, οὔτ᾽ ἐπινύμφειός πώ μέ τις ὕμνος ὕμνησεν.

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