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[206] προσταθέντα from προΐστημι, not προστείνω. Cp. Soph. Aj. 803πρόστητ᾽ ἀναγκαίας τύχης.Soph. El. 637Φοῖβε προστατήριε.Soph. OT 881θεὸν οὐ λήξω προστάταν ἴσχων.” For 1st aor. pass. part., cp. “κατασταθείςLys. 24.9, “συσταθείςPlat. Laws 685c. The conject. προσταλέντα (as = “launched”) is improbable (1) because it would mean rather “having set out on a journey”; cp. Soph. OC 20: (2) on account of the metaphor in ἀρωγά. προσταθέντα from προστείνω (a verb which does not occur) would scarcely mean “directed against the enemy,” but rather “strained against the bowstring.” προσταχθέντα, found in one MS., would make ἀρωγά prosaic, while προσταθέντα— if not strictly suitable—is at least poetical: the difference is like that between speaking of “auxiliary forces” and of “champions.”

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