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[272] φθερεῖσθαι a fut. found also in Eur. Andr. 708φθερεῖ 2 sing.): Thuc. 7.48φθερεῖσθαι”: Ionic φθαρέομαι: Hdt. 9.42, 8. 108(φθαρήσομαι in Hippocr., Arist., Plut.). The schol. says, φθαρῆναι δεῖ γράφειν, οὐ φθερεῖσθαι, distinguishing εὔχομαι with fut. infin., “I vow” (to do), from εὔχομαι with pres. or aor. infin., “I pray.” But verbs of wishing or praying sometimes take a fut. infin. instead of pres. or aor.: Thuc. 6.57ἐβούλοντο ... προτιμωρήσεσθαι”: 6. 6 ἐφιέμενοι μὲν ... τῆς πάσης ἄρξειν: 1. 27 ἐδεήθησαν ... ξυμπροπέμψειν: 7. 56 διενοοῦντο κλῄσειν. See Goodwin, Moods and Tenses sect. 113 (new ed.).

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