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[300] πάντα νωμῶν νωμάωνεμ means (1) to distribute, (2) to dispose, and so to wield, ply, (3) figuratively, to ponder, animo versare: “ἐνὶ φρεσὶ κέρδε᾽ ἐνώμαςHom. Od. 18.216: “ἐν ὠσὶ νωμῶν καὶ φρεσὶν πυρὸς δίχα χρηστηρίους ὄρνιθας ἀψευδεῖ τέχνῃAesch. Seven 25 (of Teiresias): (4) then, absolutely, to observe: Hdt. 4.128νωμῶντες ... σῖτα ἀναιρεομένους,” observing the moment when they were cutting forage. Similarly here, —with the idea of mental grasp unaided by eyesight. Plato (Plat. Crat. 411d) fancifully connects γνώμη with νώμησις, —τὸ γὰρ νωμᾶν καὶ τὸ σκοπεῖν ταὐτόν.

διδακτά τεἄρρητά τε cp. the colloquial ῥητὸν ἄρρητόν τ᾽ ἔποςSoph. OC 1001 dicenda tacenda): ἄρρητα = ἀπόρρητα: Hdt. 6.135ἄρρητα ἱρὰ ἐκφήνασαν.

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