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[463] θεσπιέπεια giving divine oracles(ἔπη), fem. as if from θεσπιεπής (not found): cp. ἀρτιέπεια, ἡδυέπεια. Since θέ-σπ-ι-ς already involves the stem σεπ (Curt. E. sect. 632), the termination, from ϝεπ(ib. 620), is pleonastic.

δελφὶς πέτρα The town and temple of Delphi stood in a recess like an amphitheatre, on a high platform of rock which slopes out from the south face of the cliff: Strabo 9. 418 οἱ Δελφοί, πετρῶδες χωρίον, θεατροειδές, κατὰ κορυφὴν(i.e. at the upper part of the rocky platform, nearest the cliff) ἔχον τὸ μαντεῖον καὶ τὴν πόλιν, σταδίων ἑκκαίδεκα κύκλον πληροῦσαν: i.e. the whole sweep of the curve extends nearly two miles. HH Apoll. 283ὕπερθεν πέτρη ἐπικρέμαται” (the rocky platform overhangs the Crisaean plain) κοίλη δ᾽ ὑποδέδρομε βῆσσα (the valley of the Pleistus).

εἶπε τελέσαντα (for εἶπε τελέσαι) is somewhat rare, but is not “a solecism” (as Kennedy calls it): cp. Soph. OC 1580λέξας Οἰδίπουν ὀλωλότα”: Eur. Rhes. 755αὐδᾷ ξυμμάχους ὀλωλότας”: Plat. Gorg. 481cπότερόν σε φῶμεν νυνὶ σπουδάζοντα παίζοντα;

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