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ἐμοί, ethic dat., ‘for me,’ rather than dat. with βουλεύει as=‘advises’; the latter dat. is rare ( Aesch. Eum. 697ἀστοῖς...βουλεύω σέβειν”); in Tr. 807, Ai. 1055 the dat. with “βουλεύω” is a dat. of interest (to plot against one). In poetry the act. can mean, not only ‘to form a plan’ (O. T. 619), or to give counsel (ib. 1417), but also, like the midd., to deliberate.—With μή supply “ἐστί”; cp. 1253; Plat. Theaet. 145C “ὅρα μὴ παίζων ἔλεγεν”, look whether he did not speak (i.e. I suspect that he spoke) in jest. To supply “” is also possible (cp. O. C. 1180), but less fitting here.

τι, adv., ‘perchance’: O. T. 969.

θεήλατον, sent by gods ( O. T. 992θεήλατον μάντευμα”), i.e. wrought by them (cp. 285), since there was no trace of human agency (249): not, imposed upon a human agent by a divine commission (as O. T. 255πρᾶγμα θεήλατον”). So in Il. 16.667 Zeus provides supernaturally for the burial of Sarpedon. Cp. O. C. p. xxxv.

ξύννοια, the art. being equiv. to a possessive pron., as 1089 f. “τὴν γλῶσσαν, τὸν νοῦν”. Cp. Plat. Rep. 571Eεἰς σύννοιαν αὐτὸς αὑτῷ ἀφικόμενος.

πάλαι, i.e. ever since the “φύλαξ” spoke (249). Cp. 289.

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