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ἔτι, ‘yet,’—at some future time: so El. 66 (“κἄμ᾽ ἐπαυχῶ”) “ἄστρον ὣς λάμψειν ἔτι”: Tr. 257δουλώσειν ἔτι” (he vowed that he would yet enslave him).

πράσσεινδρῴης (instead of “πράσσοις”): for such substitution of a synonym cp. O. T. 54ἄρξεις...κρατεῖς” (n.): O. C. 1501σαφὴς ...ἐμφανής”. With δρῴης we have a double ἄν, the first after the negative, the second after the emphatic “ἐμοῦ γ᾽”: cp. O. T. 339 n.—Objection has been made to ἡδέως on the ground that it ought to mean, ‘with pleasure to yourself.’ Wecklein, indeed, takes that to be the sense, supposing γε to be misplaced; i.e. the proper order would have been, ἡδέως γε ἂν ἐμοῦ κ.τ.λ.: but the position of <᾿μοῦ in the verse sufficiently shows that γε must go with it. ἐμοί γ᾽ (Meineke) would leave μέτα awkward: and ἀσμένης (Lehrs) would not have been displaced by ἡδέως, which the old scholia confirm. All the difficulty has arisen from failing to distinguish between (1) “οὐκ ἂν ἡδέως δρῴης”, and (2) “οὐκ ἂν μετὰ ἐμοῦ ἡδέως δρῴης”. In (1) “ἡδέως” could mean only, ‘agreeably to yourself.’ But in (2) it is ambiguous; for the statement is equivalent to saying, ‘your co-operation with me would not be agreeable’; i.e. to you, or to me, or to either of us,—as the context may imply. Here, as the emphatic ἐμοῦ γε indicates, she means “ἡδέως ἐμοί”. Cp. Plat. Rep. 426Cὃς...ἂν σφᾶς...ἥδιστα θεραπεύῃ”, i.e. ‘whoever serves them most acceptably’ (not, ‘most gladly’). Aristoph. Nub. 79πῶς δῆτ᾽ ἂν ἥδιστ᾽ αὐτὸν ἐπεγείραιμι”; (i.e. most pleasantly for him).

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