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Ἰκαρίωνπελαγέων: the island of Icaria, W. of Samos and E. of Myconos, gave its name to the ‘Icarian sea’: Il. 2. 145πόντου Ἰκαρίοιο”. C. 3. 7. 21 scopulis surdior Icari. Ov. Met. 8. 229(describing how Icarus, son of Daedalus, was drowned) Oraque caerulea, patrium clamantia nomen, | Excipiuntur aqua, quae nomen traxit ab illo.

πελαγέων: the plur. as in Od. 5. 335ἁλὸς ἐν πελάγεσσιν”. For the synizesis, cp. 718νεικέων”: Ph. 697ἑλκέων”.—For ὑπὲρ with gen., cp. Ant. 105Διρκαίων ὑπὲρ ῥεέθρων μολοῦσα”.

Ἀπόλλων was, like Pan, a lord of the dance; cp. Pind. fr. 148 “ὀρχήστ᾽ ἀγλαΐας ἀνάσσων, εὐρυφάρετρ᾽ Ἀπόλλων”: fr. 116 “ Μοισαγέτας με καλεῖ χορεῦσαι”. Here, however, the words “νῦν γὰρ ἐμοὶ μέλει χορεῦσαι” seem to close the reference to dancing. Apollo, who in 187 was invoked as “ἀποτρόπαιος”, is here invited more especially as the healer,—to crown, by his bright presence, their joy at the recovery of Ajax.

Δάλιος: cp. O. T. 154Δάλιε Παιάν” (n.).

εὔγνωστος, ‘easily recognised,’ i.e., in a visible shape, “ἐναργής”: cp. Tr. 11 n.: Od. 3. 420(Athena) “ μοι ἐναργὴς ἦλθε”. On “γνωτός” and “γνωστός”, see O. T., appendix on 361, p. 225. Some editors read εὔγνωτος, though the form with “ς” is here the better attested.

διὰ παντὸς, with ref. to time (the regular sense of the phrase in Thuc. ; see Classen on 1. 38 § 1).

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