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οὐ γάρ τις ὅρμος ἐστίν. The absence of a safe “ὅρμος” is compatible with the existence of “λιμένες” (936 n.); and Philoctetes knows only the coast near his cave. If the Iliad calls Lemnos “ἐϋκτιμένη” (21. 40), it also calls it “ἀμιχθαλόεσσα” (24. 753), which was probably understood in antiquity as ‘inhospitable’ (“μίγνυμι”); though a modern view co<*>nects it with “μιχ-, ὀμίχλη”, (our mist,) as=‘smoky,’ i.e., volcanic. In the time of Sophocles, Lemnos possessed two towns,—Hephaestia, on the N. coast, of which the site has lately been identified by Conze (Reise auf den Aeg. Inseln); and Myrīna, now Kastro, on the W. coast. There was once an excellent harbour at Hephaestia; there still is one at Kastro, the present seat of trade. Geod anchorage is also afforded by a deep bay on the N. coast (now ‘Purnia’), and by another on the S. (now ‘Mudros’).

οὐδ᾽ ὅποι πλέων: nor (is there a place), sailing to which, ἐξεμπολήσει κέρδος, a man shall sell off his wares at a profit. There is no “ἐμπόριον”. The acc. “κέρδος” seems to be ‘cognate’ (=“κερδαλέαν ἐξεμπόλησιν”), rather than objective (as if “ἐξεμπ”. meant, ‘achieve by trading’): cp. Her. 1. 1ἐξεμπολημένων” (Ion.) “σφι σχεδὸν πάντων”: cp. Soph. Ant. 1036ἐξημπόλημαι” n. (We cannot compare Soph. Tr. 92τό γ᾽ εὖ πράσσειν...κέρδος ἐμπολᾷ”, ‘brings in’ gain.) The subject to “ἐξεμπολήσει” is “τις”, easily supplied from “ναυβάτης” (301).

ξενώσεται, pass.: cp. 48 n. In Lycophron 92 this form is fut. midd. There is no class. example of “ξενωθήσομαι”. Attic, indeed, generally prefers the midd. form for the fut. pass. in ‘pure’ verbs (those of which the stem ends in a vowel).— For the fut. indic. in a relative clause of purpose, cp. Dem. or. 1 § 2πρεσβείαν πέμπειν ἥτις ταῦτ᾽ ἐρεῖ καὶ παρέσται τοῖς πράγμασιν”.

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