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Θερσίτης=‘the bold one,’ “θέρσος” being the Aeolic form of “θάρσος” (Bekker Anecd. p. 1190. 2), as “κρέτος” of “κράτος”: cp. “Ἁλιθέρσης, Θέρσανδρος”. Here he survives Achilles. But, according to the commoner legend, he died before him. Achilles had slain the leader of the Amazons, Penthesilea. Thersites thrust his spear into the eyes of the corpse, and taunted Achilles with his love for her; when the hero killed him. This was the version given by Arctînus in the Aethiopis (Proclus, Chrestom. p. 478). It was the subject of a play (prob. a satyric drama) by Chaeremon, called “Ἀχιλλεὺς Θερσιτοκτόνος” (Suidas, s.v.ὑπάρχων”, calls it simply “Θερσίτης”). See Nauck, Frag. Trag. p. 607.

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