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τίνοςπράγματος χάριν; cp. O. T. 698ὅτου ποτὲ” | ...“πράγματος.

χρόνῳ τοσῷδε=“διὰ χρόνου τοσούτου”, after so long a time: cp. 722: El. 1273ἰὼ χρόνῳ μακρῷ φιλτάταν” | “ὁδὸν ἐπαξιώσας... φανῆναι.

ἐπεστρέφοντο, bethought them (impf.) of caring for: Dem. or. 10 § 9οὐδὲν ἐφροντίσατε οὐδ᾽ ἐπεστράφητε οὐδὲν τούτων”. Cp. Soph. O. T. 134πρὸ τοῦ θανόντος τήνδ᾽ ἔθεσθ᾽ ἐπιστροφήν.

ἄγαν οὕτω, with “ἐπεστρέφοντο”: El. 884ὧδε πιστεύεις ἄγαν”.

The order of the words is remarkable, not only because τίνος is so far from πράγματος, but also because it is closely followed by τοῦδ̓, so that, when the ear caught the first words, the sense expected might naturally be, ‘Who was for this man for whom’ etc. (cp. 441). The motive has been the wish to emphasise the pron referring to Philoctetes (“τοῦδ̓”). A somewhat similar instance is Ant. 944ἔτλα καὶ Δανάας οὐράνιον φῶς” | “ἀλλάξαι δέμας ἐν χαλκοδέτοις αὐλαῖς”.

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