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εἰ...μὴ ληφθήσεται, οὐκ ἔστι κ.τ.λ. ‘if the bow is not to be taken, then it is impossible’ etc. Here the condition expressed by the fut. ind. in the protasis is really a present one; the meaning is, ‘if it is (now) settled that the bow is not to be taken.’ Cp. Xen. An. 3. 4. 39οὐκ ἔστι παρελθεῖν, εἰ μὴ τούτους ἀποκόψομεν”: ‘it is an impossibility to advance, if we are not to dislodge these men’ (i.e. assuming that we do not mean to dislodge them). Practically, this is a more emphatic way of expressing the necessity of the act to which the protasis refers. Distinguish those cases in which the condition expressed by the fut. indic. is really future; as in 66 f., “εἰ μὴ ἐργάσει” (‘if thou fail to do this’), “βαλεῖς”: and in 75 f. “εἴ με αἰσθήσεται” (‘if he shall perceive me’), “ὄλωλα” (i.e.ὀλοῦμαι”): where “ἐὰν μὴ ἐργάσῃ, ἐάν με αἴσθῃ” would differ from the fut. ind. with “εἰ” only as being somewhat less vivid.

οὐκ ἔστι πέρσαι σοι. The difference between σοι and σοὶ here resembles that between ‘thou canst never take’ and ‘thou canst never take.’ L supports σοὶ, which is, of course, quite tenable. But σοι seems preferable, because (a) in giving a reason, as “γάρ” implies, why ‘all the Greeks’ will be pained, it seems less fitting to place the personal concern of Neoptolemus in the foreground; and (b) the necessary emphasis on “σοὶ” in v. 70 would have a slightly awkward effect if the same pron. had been emphasised in v. 69. Cp. n. on 47, “ἕλοιτό μ̓”.

τὸ Δαρδάνου πέδον, the land of Dardanus,—meaning “Τροία” in its larger sense, the town with its territory (cp. 920τὰ Τροίας πεδία”, 1435 “ἑλεῖν τὸ Τροίας πεδίον”). So O. C. 380τὸ Καδμείων πέδον”=“Θήβης πέδον” (ib. 415). Dardanus, son of Zeus, was fifth ancestor of Priam ( Il. 20. 215 ff.). Cp. Pind. O. 13. 56πρὸ Δαρδάνου τειχέων”: Helen. 1493 “Δαρδάνου” | “πόλιν”.

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