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τοὐπίσαγμα. “ἐπισάττειν” is classical as=‘to put a load on’ a baggageanimal, or ‘to saddle’ a horse (Her. , Xen. , etc.): and “ἐπίσαγμα” was a common word, at least in later Greek, as may be inferred from the schol. on Nub. 450 (“ἐπίσαγμα τῶν ὄνων”), and from its use by the LXX. (Lev. xv. 9). In the marg. of L the gl. is, “ ἐπείσοδος: προσθήκη”. The second word suits “τοὐπίσαγμα”: the first refers to the v. l. τοὐπείσαγμα, in the sense of ‘access.’ But such a word is neither extant nor conceivable. Bergk's τοὐπίσιγμα (“ἐπισίζω”), ‘hounding on,’ would mean here, ‘exasperation,’—as if some Fury were stimulating the “νόσημα”. The word was used by Soph. in his Athamas, acc. to an amended gloss in Hesychius ( Soph. fr. 8).

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