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Ἐκεῖ—the Messenians of Naupactus, placed there by Athens 455 B.C., the Acarnamans and Zaeynthians.

Μεθώνην—contrast the order in e. 18, 1 and 3 below. M., now Modon, is in Messenia, but after the Messenian Wars, circa 650 B.C., Messenia belonged to Laeonia. About the same date, the inhabitants of Nauplia, expelled from Argolis, were settled in Methone by Sparta, to hold the port in her interest as the Messenians afterwards held Naupaetus for Athens.

προσέβαλον—they thought to take it by assault, judging a regular approaeh unnecessary.

ὄντι ... ἐνόντων—see on e. 4, 4.

οὐκ ἐνόντων—se. τῷ τείχει. There were however men in the place, but it was ungarrisoned. The attaek was a surprise.

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