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Καίτοι—resumes the main thought which was in- terrupted at τεκμήριον δέ: ‘and surely.’

ῥαθυμίᾳ—‘with a light heart.’ Cf. ἀνειμένως διαιτώμενοι above. Not in its bad sense. Shil. quotes [Arist.] Eth. VI. 1 οὔτε πλείω οὔτε ἐλάττω πονεῖν οὐδὲ ῥᾳθυμεῖν. πόνων—this word had great significance to the Spartans and Thebans, denoting the ‘training’ which they thought so necessary to success. It is constantly used by Pindar, who holds that πόνος and δαπανή (‘outlay’) together win victory in the games. Observe the παρονομασία in πόνων, νόμων, τρόπων. μετὰ .. ἀνδρείας—the Spartan manliness is the result of military rules, the Athenian of habit formed through our mode of life. ἀνδρείας belongs to both gens., and νόμων ἀνδρείας, τρόπων . form a chiasmus with ῥαθυμίᾳ, πόνων μ. ἐθέλομεν—‘omnes recentioris aetatis pro ἐθέλοιμεν scripserunt ἐθέλομεν.’ Wichmann. Sta. thinks that Dion. Hal. really wrote the indic., and that this, like other passages he quotes from Thuc., has been altered by Byzantine scribes in his text. The critics ‘corrected’ Dionysius from their MSS. of Thuc.

περιγίγνεται—Dion. Hal. says Thuc. ought to have written περιέσται, because ἐθέλω points to the fut., but there is no reference to time at all here, and if there were the pres. γίγνομαι can apply to the fut. Trans. ‘we are the gainers.’

τοῖς μέλλουσιν ἀλγεινοῖς—it is a question whether the dat. is causal, ‘through coming troubles,’ or dat. commodi, ‘for the sake of.’ Probably it is causal.

ἐς αὐτὰτὰ ἀλ. γεινὰ ‘when face to face with trouble.’ The καὶ is paratactic, ‘while,’ and the verb, περιγίγνεται, is gradually lost sight of, until we reach ἐν ἄλλοις, which belongs rather to what follows. This is a good example of Thuc.'s πολύνους βραχυλογία. ἀτολμοτέρους ... φαίνεσθαι—with φαίνομαι Thuc. more often omits than inserts the partic., where an adj. is used. Contrast c. 51, 3 σῶμα αὔταρκες ὂν ἐφάνη.

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