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Τὸ μὲν ἔξωθεν—adverbial, ἔξωθεν being for ἔξω. Cf. c. 13, 7.

ἁπτομένῳ—with θερμὸν ἦν, ‘to the touch.’

σῶμα —for absence of art. cf. 8 below.


φλύκταιναι—transparent vesicles, little blains which degenerate into sores.

τὰ δὲ ἐντὸς—the ἀκμὴ of the disease is now reached. It came in the third stage, and was marked by internal fever, intolerable thirst, and sleeplessness: yet the body was scarcely weakened by its suffering.

μήτε— answered by ἥδιστά τε. τὰς ἐπιβολὰς—for the order, cf. 18, 1.

μηδ᾽—not connected with μήτε, but only joins ἐπιβολὰς to ἄλλο τι and with it=nec nisi; cf. c. 16, 2.

γυμνοὶ—the nom. is justified by τὰ ἐντός, part of themselves, With γυμνοὶ supply ὄντες. Cf. c. 45, 1 ὁρῶ μέγαν τὸν ἀγῶνα. So with τυγχἀνω c. 87, 5, φαίνεσθαι c. 39, 4. In the two cases in which Thuc. uses διατελῶ with adj., he omits ὤν (I. 34; VI. 89); contrast VII. 38 παρασκευαζόμενοι διετέλεσαν. ἥδιστα ἂν—i.e. ἥδιστ᾽ ἂν ἔρριπτον, lit. ‘so as to have thrown themselves (had they been allowed).’ The infin. with ἂν is not common with ὤστε. M. T. 211, 592.

καὶ πολλοὶ— ‘and in fact.’ Cf. c. 2, 4.

ἔδρασαν—cf. c. 11, 8. Here = σφᾶς αὐτοὺς ἔρριψαν. τῇ δίψῃ ἀπαύστῳ—the adj., being pred., is emphatic, as always; ‘which was unceasing.’ (There are not many examples quite like this in Thuc.: I. 49 ἑνέπρησαν τὰς σκηνὰς ἐρήμους, c. 13, 5 τὰ χρήματα οὐκ ὀλίγα, IV. 122 τῇ ἰσχύι ἀνωφελεῖ πιστεύοντες, and VII. 70, 6).

τὸ πλέον καὶ ἔλασσον—the art. omitted with ἔλασσον, though the two things are mutually exclusive, as in I. 10 τὰς μεγίστας καὶ ἐλαχίστας. ἀπορία τοῦ μὴ—the infin. after a noun, as in c. 60, 7 αἰτίαν τοῦ ἀδικεῖν. The μὴ is added because the whole result is neg., as often. Plat. Apol. p. 38 D ἀπορίᾳ ... τοῦ μὴ ἐθέλειν, ‘the neg. being added as after other neg. or prohibitive words’ (Shil.). Andoc. 2, 12 κίνδυνος περὶ τοῦ μηδὲ αὐτοὺς σωθῆναι, ‘a risk lest not even they should be saved.’ See also c. 62, 3; III. 75, 4 τοῦ μὴ ξυμπλεῖν ἀπιστία.

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