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Ἀνίστησιν—c. 68, 1.


Αἵμου— the Balkan.


ὑπερβάντι—cf. c. 49, 5; here = ultra. The Getae lived then between Mt. Haemus and the Danube, in Bulgaria.

μέρη = ἔθνη. κατῴκητο— this use of the mid. of persous is found ouly in Herod. and Thuc., and is confined to perf. forms. Dion. Hal. fiuds fault with Thuc. for using the mid. where Attic writers use the active.

Ὀρεινῶν—)(ὅσοι πεδία εἶχον c. 101, 3.

αὐτονόμων —)(ὅσων ἦρχε 1 above.

ἄλλα ὅσα—cf. 3 below.

μαχαιροφόρων—a well-known mark of some of the Thracian tribes.

Ἀγριᾶνας—at the source of the Strymon (Struma) and round Mt. Rhodope

Σκόμβρου—another mountain iu the Balkan chain, south of Sophia. The Laeaei were north of the Agrianes.

τὰ πρὸς Παίονας—‘on the side of the P., who from that point were indepeudent.’

Τριβαλλοὺς—in Servia.

Ὀσκίου—a tributary of the Danube (the Isker).

ἐκ τοῦ ὄρους—part of Rhodope.

Νέστος—the Kara-su. The Romans in B.C. 167 made it the northern boundary of Macedonia.

Ἕβρος—the Maritza.

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