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Ἐγένετο—Thuc. probably knew more of Thrace than any other Greek owing to his property, infleuce, and sojourn there.

μέγεθος—accus. of respect.

ἐπὶ μὲν θ. καθήκουσα— ‘extended along the coast line,’ cf. c. 27, 2) (ἐς ἤπειρον. The construction is ἐγένετο καθήκουσα, like ἦν καθήκουσα, cf. c. 80, 2, 93, 2; lit. extended down to the sea.

μέχρι Ἴστρου ποταμοῦ—cf. Isocr. VII. 80 ἐντὸς Ἅλυος ποταμοῦ, the only case in Attic outside Thuc. where the art. is omitted with the name when ποταμὸς is inserted. The omission is common in Herod.: there are six cases in Thuc.

περίπλους—with τεσσάρων ἡμερῶν. Cf. VI. 1 Σικελίας (-α Kr., Hw.) περίπλους ἐστιν .. ὀκτὼ ἡμερῶν. τὰ ξυντομώτατα—adverbial.

ἱστῆται —stet, of anything which does not shift its position.

νηὶ ς.— = ὁλκάδι.

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