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l 18.

ξυνεμετρήσαντο—it is possible to supply τὸ τεῖχος or τὰς κλίμακας, but § 4 strongly favours the latter.

ἐξαληλιμμένον—‘whitewashed.’ The ἐξ- probably denotes completion: the whitewashing had not been finished at one part of the wall.

ἠριθμοῦντο . . ἀριθμοῦντες—for the rapid passage from mid. to act. ef. II. 9 ναυτικὸν παρείχοντο . . πεζὸν παρεῖχον.

ἐς ἐβούλοντο τοῦ τείχους—sc. καθορᾶν, or perhaps rather ὁρᾶν: τοῦ τείχους agrees with καθορωμένου, and ἐς έβουλοντο=‘as far as they wanted to see it,’ i.e. a sufficiently wide piece was visible. The objection to this is that ἐς for ὁσον or ἐς ὅσον does not oecur elsewhere. In Herod. ές means ‘until’ with aorist or hist. pres. or iterative imperf.; but in Thuc. V. 66 ἐς ἐμέμνηντο=so far as (of time), a use not found elsewhere; and it is possible by Gk. usage of a prep. and neuter adj. or pron., that the phrase should denote time or place: e.g. ἐξ ὀλίγου of time II. 11, of place II. 91, and so with ἐκ πολλοῦ. Two other views of this passage, not involving change of the text, must be noticed: (a) taking τοῦ τείχους as agreeing with καθορωμἐνου ‘as the wall was completely visible to the desired point’ i e. to the foot of the wall, viewed from above; but we should expect this meaning to be expressed directly and clearly. (b) Taking τοῦ τείχους as depending on ἐς , ‘as they easily looked down upon the part of the wall that they wished to see,’ i e. καθορωμένου (τούτου) ἐς τοῦ τείχους ἑβούλοντο (ὁρᾶν). This is very awkward and we should expect καθορῶντες. The alterations proposed are (a) ὅσον for ἐς , Stahl, or (b) to insert an infin., as ἀναβῆναι after ἐβούλοντο (Stein).

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