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τὸ τοῦ Ἀνδροκράτους ἡρῷον—shrine of a Plataean ‘hero,’ a well-known landmark on the road, evidently in Plataean territory and not far from the Asopus. Introd. p. xix.

ἥκιστ᾽ <ἄν>—after such words as μάλιστα the accidental omission of ἄν is so frequent in some MSS. where the error is obvious that it seems unlikely that νομίζω σε ποιῆσαι can= ‘I think you may do it.’ Cf. Xen. Oec. 11, 14 ἡνίκα for ἡνίκ᾽ ἄν, 18, 1 πότερα for πότερ᾽ ἄν, Mem. IV. 3, 8 μάλιστα for μάλιστ᾽ ἄν, in whieh instances the verb, being in opt., betrays the error. In our passage if ἥκιστα is read, we should render ‘thinking that the enemy had not formed a suspicion.’

σφᾶς—subjeet of τραπέσθαι.

πρὸς Κιθαιρῶνα καὶ Δρυὸς κεφαλάς—i.e. making for the pass of the Oak's Heads from which they would descend to Attica. For the roads see Introd. p. xix.

τὴν πρὸς τὸ ὄρος—they turned SE. and crossed Cithaeron at a point E. of the road taken by the enemy. It is not meant that they actually touched— Ὑσιάς τ᾽ Ἐρυθράς θ᾽ αἳ Κιθαιρῶνος λέπας νέρθεν κατῳκήκασιν. (Eur. Bacchae, 751.)

πλειόνων—c. 20, 2.

κατὰ χώραν ἐγένοντο—‘went to their station.’ κατὰ χώραν usually with μένειν (certa sede manet); with ἐᾶν Demosth. XXVII. 60. For γενέσθαι κατά ef. καθ᾽ ἓν γ. ‘to concentrate’; τὴν χάλαζαν εὐχόμενοι μὴ καθ᾽ ἑαυτοὺς γ. Demosth. IX. 33.

ἐσπένδοντοσπονδὰς ἐζήτουν ποιεῖσθαι schol. With the internal accus. ἀναίρεσιν cf. c. 109 ἀναχωρησιν ἐσπείσαντο ἄπασι.

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