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σπονδάς—the Peace of Nicias; Thuc. has more than once pointed out that it was delusive; but considering the enthusiasm felt for Nicias at Athens in 421 when the Peace was signed, it is curious to find Nicias admitting his failure.

ἔχειν τι βέβαιον—‘afford you some security’ (Bloomf.), because, if the Spartans refused to break the peace, no enemy from Sicily could come to attack Athens.

αἵ—‘so long as you refrain from action, the treaty will last as a nominal treaty—thanks to the action of certain persons at home and on the other side.’ ἡσυχάζειν, quiesco, is often contrasted with πολεμῶ:

ὀνόματι—‘as far as the name goes’: it will not be a reality.

ἄνδρες—at Athens Alcibiades, at Sparta certain of the ephors. ἔπραξαν αὐτάπράσσω not infrequently suggests the bad side of diplomacy, αὐτά=τὰ τῶν σπονδῶν, the matters connected with the treaty. The use of αὐτά referring to things connected with what has been mentioned is common; e.g. II. 43, 1 τὴν δύναμιν . . αὐτά, Eur. Bacchae 202 παραδοχὰς . . αὐτά.

σφαλέντων—sc. ἡμῶν, the gen. abs. as often in spite of the proximity of another case having the same reference. This has the effect of strongly emphasising the participial clause. . δυνάμει with σφαλέντων.

ἐπιχείρησιν ποιήσονται—see Index s.vv. ποιεῖσθαι and γίγνομαι.

διὰ ξυμφορῶν—‘in a condition of’=διὰ ξ. ὄντες: cf. 34, 2; 57, 3. Λακεδαίμων, says Thuc., μάλιστα δὴ κακῶς ἤκουσε καὶ ὑπερώφθη διὰ τὰς ξυμφοράς (v. 28) just after the Peace.

ἐκ τοῦ αἰσχίονος—‘in a manner more disereditable than we, that is, of necessity.’ We accepted peace voluntarily; they perforce. There is not much ground for this boast.

ἐν αὐτῇ ταύτῃ—‘while the treaty is actually in force’ we have many disputes; referring to the omission to carry out certain clauses of the treaty These disputes were concerned mainly with Amphipolis, Pylus, and Panactum.—A principal sentence is co-ordinated with a rel. clause.

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