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Γύλιππος—see c. 93, 2. He assumes, in accordance with the statements of Alcibiades, that the A., having secured Sicily, will proceed to attack Italy.

τὴν δὲ Ἰταλίαν—for the meaning of this see on c. 2, 4. For

τὸν Ἰόνιον (κόλπον) see on c. 13, 1.

Θουρίαν—see on c. 61, 6.

πρεσβευσάμενος—not ‘went on a mission,’ but ‘sent an embassy,’ and ‘renewed the citizenship that his father Cleandridas had enjoyed there.’ See c. 92, 3.

αὐτούς—the people for the place, as constantly. 20

κατὰ τὸν Τεριναῖον κόλπον — as this gulf, now di S. Eufemia, is on the north-west side of the Bruttii, this seems to be a mistake: he ought to have said the Scyllacian gulf (di Squillace), which is opposite to it on the south-east, the land being here at its narrowest.

μέγας κτλ—‘stiffly when it sets at north.’

πάλιν χειμασθείς—‘being driven by a violent storm.’

ἐς τὰ μάλιστα —as in Demosth. 21, 212 εἰσὶν εἰς τὰ μάλιστα πλούσιοι.

ὑπερεῖδε—‘despised the small number.’

φυλακήν— sc. νεῶν. He presently sent out four ships, but they failed to intercept Gylippus.

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