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Σικελοί—it is generally agreed among ancient writers that the Siculi were Italian, and had been driven into Bruttium from Latium.

Ίταλίας—i.e. only the modern Calabria, in ancient times the peninsula reaching to the Laus on W., and to Metapontum on E. Dion. Hal. I. 12 defines Italy in this sense as άπὸ ἄκρας Ἰαπυγίας μέχρι πορθμοῦ Σικελικοῦ.

Ὀπικούς—identified by Strabo with the Oscans. They were enemies of the Latins, who regarded them as barbarous. Cf. Jovenal's opici mures.

ὡς μὲν εἰκός—there are two uses of εἰκός—(1) to introduce what is probable, but is incapable of proof; (2) of the reasonable conduct of persons.

ἐπὶ σχεδιῶν—cf. on c. 101, 3. In this use, the gen. with ἐπί differs from the dat. in that it expresses the means as well as the place.

τηρήσαντες=φυλάξαντες, as III. 22, and Demosth. 28, 1 τηρήσας τὴν τελευταίαν ἡμέραν. πορθμός generally in prose= ‘strait,’ but ‘passage’ suits τηρήσαντες better ‘Watching for the passage when the wind blew,’ means that they waited till the wind blew from Italy. The danger of the πορθμὸς Σικελικός is proverbial. Cf. the mare Siculum of Roman poets.

κατιόντος—technical word. <ἐς> τὸν π. Stein.

τάχα ἄν—sc. διέβησαν, M.T. § 244. The contrast is between what they probably did and what they may possibly have done. δέτάχα δ᾽ ἄν would be more usual, but expressions like τάχ̓ ἄν occasionally displace δέ. Thus Andocides has δῆλον ὅτι δέ for δῆλον δ᾽ ὅτι.

ἀπὸ Ἰταλοῦ—this remark is of no value as history. Cf. Aen. I. 532 nunc fama, minores | Italiam dixisse, ducis de nomine, gentem.

οὕτως—referring back to ἀπὸ Ἰταλοῦ after the parenthetical remark τοὔνομα τ. .

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