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τις . προσετάχθη—‘in their several stations.’ See next note

ἐς τοὺς ἄλλους —Jowett renders: ‘While at home the Athenians were thus competing with one another in the performance of their several duties, to the rest of Hellas the expedition seemed to be a grand display of their power and greatness’; and the note says: ‘Thuc. presents the expedition under two aspects, of which the connection is not obvious.’ This is all wrong. With both γενέσθαι and εἰκασθῆναι we must supply τοῖς Ἀθηναίοις, and the sense is τοῖς Ἀθηναίοις πρός τε σφᾶς αὐτοὺς ἔρις ἐγένετο ἅμα καὶ ἐς τοὺς ἄλλους Ἕλληνας ἐπίδειξις ᾐκάσθη: ‘The result was that among themselves they fell to quarrelling over the expedition at their posts (as to who was best equipped), while to the Greeks at large (through the splendour of the equipment) a display was portrayed of their (internal) power and (external) influence, rather than a force equipped against an enemy.’ The edd. are mistaken in supplying a subject τοῦτο or τὸν στόλον to εἰκασθῆναι. See Intr. p. xxxiii.

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