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l. 1. Ἱμέρα—marks the western limit of Gk. eneroach ment on the N. coast. It was apparently intended as a stronghold against Phoenician Solus and Panormus. It disappeared for ever in 408, when Hannibal, grandson of the Hamilcar whom Gclon had defeated at Himera in 480, eaptured the town and utterly destroyed it.

Εὐκλείδου—probably these founders came from Chaleis, as metropolis of Zancle.

στάσει—Aristot. Pol. 1303 b speaks of early factions in Syr. The banished clan, as Frceman points out, is strong enough in numbers to affect the dialect of Himera.

φωνὴ μεταξὺ . . ἐκράθη—this is the only place in Thuc. in which μεταξύ applies neither to place nor to time. The construction would be more regular if μεταξύ were ἐκ.

τῆς τε Χαλκιδέων καὶ Δ—it is usual to omit the 2nd art. after μεταξύ when the gender is the same. Δωρίς, Ἑλληνίς, Περσίς are the ordinary forms with γλῶσσα or φωνή.

ἐκράτησεν—this probably hints at some difficulty that arose between Ionian and Dorian settlers.

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