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At Athens an extraordinary war tax is levied for the first time. Lysicles, sent out to Caria to collect taxes, is killed there.

καὶ αὐτοί: et ipsi, proleptic, referring to the demands made also upon the allies, καὶ ἐπὶ τοὺς ξυμμάχους. —ἐσφοράν: i.e. the extraordinary war tax often levied in later times. See Boeckh, P. E. p. 612, who says, doubtless correctly, that τότε πρῶτον (cf. i. 96. 6; ii. 56. 6) ‘does not mean merely the first property tax levied in the Peloponnesian war, but the first absolutely.’—3.

διακόσια τά-

λαντα: appos. to ἐσφοράν. Cf. i. 96. 6; ii. 15. 17.—4.

ἀργυρολόγους ναῦς: cf. iv. 50. 2; 75. 3. Cl. thinks that the ships were sent out to collect back tribute (see Köhler, Abh. der Berl. Akad. 1869, p. 132 f.), and that the unusual number of στρατηγοί (5 with 12 ships) was due to the fact that this duty would have to be performed at different points. But St. justly insists that καὶ αὐτοὶ ἐσενεγκόντες indicates that the same kind of extraordinary tax (ἐσφορά) was levied on both citizens and allies.—

Λυσικλέα: doubtless the demagogue ridieuled in Ar. Eq. 132 as προβατοπώλης, who married Aspasia after Pericles's death. See Plut. Per. 24; also Curtius, Hist. of Gr. iii. p. 90, and Ad. Schmidt, das Perikl. Zeitalter i. p. 178 ff.

ἄλλα ἠργυρολόγει: laid other regions under contribution. The accus. as in ii. 69. 7; viii. 3. 2. The like issue of an expedition sent to the neighbouring coast, as described in ii. 69, shows with what bitterness the half barbarian inhabitants of these regions resisted the collection of the Athenian tribute.—6.

τῆς Καρίας ἐκ Μυοῦντος: order as in c. 89. 7; 105. 9; i. 100. 15.—7.

τοῦ Σανδίου λόφου: Meineke (Herm. iii. p. 363) conjectures Σάνδιος (nom. Σάνδις,—see on i. 64. 10).—8.

Ἀναιιτῶν: without doubt those mentioned c. 32. 4 as Σαμίων τῶν ἐξ Ἀναίων, namely those of the oligarchical party, who after the subjugation of Samos (i. 117. § 3) settled on the opposite coast. Cf. iv. 75. 7 τὰ Ἄναια ἐπὶ τῇ Σάμῳ, and viii. 19. 3. These were always with the enemies of Athens.—

ἄλλης: besides. Cf. c. 112. 7 Δημοσθένης . . . καὶ τὸ ἄλλο στρατεν́μα. See on i. 2. 12; 128. 21. G. 966, 2; H. 705; Kr. Spr. 50, 4, 11. Cf. Xen. Cyrop. vi. 4. 1; Tac. Hist. iv. 56 legatis . . . interfectis ceterum vulgus facile accessurum.

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