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Asopius sent around Peloponnesus with 30 Attic ships, 12 of which go on to Naupactus. Unsuccessful attack upon Oeniadae and Leucas, and death of Asopius.

καὶ περὶ Πελοπόννησον: as before to Lesbos. On the reading περί see App.—4.

τῶν Φορμίωνος: of the kindred of Phormio. Kr. Spr. 47, 5, 2. Cf. ii. 34. 5 τῷ αὑτοῦ. υἱὸν ξυγγενῆ is epexegetical apposition. Phormio himself, whose close relations with the Acarnanians dated from his command in Naupactus (ii. 69. § 1; 81. § 1; 102. § 1), seems to have died soon after his return to Athens (ii. 103). But see Müller-Strübing, Aristoph. u. d. hist. Kritik, p. 677 ff.

παραπλέουσαι . . . ἐπόρθησαν: cf. c. 91. 20. παραπλεῖν, sail along the coast, as in c. 32. 1; 33. 9; 34. 1; 95. 10; 112. 26.

ἀναστήσας: of levying troops, as in ii. 68. 3; 96. 1; iv. 77. 11; 90. 2.—

ἐπ̓ Οἰνιάδας: sc. to carry out during the summer the undertaking which his father had been unable to accomplish the preceding winter. Cf. ii. 102. § 2.—11.

κατὰ τὸν Ἀχελῷον: along the Achelous. κατά, on, along, as in iv. 25. 29.—

κατὰ γῆν στρατός: refers, as τὸν πεζόν (13), to the Acarnanian troops.

Νήρικον: the same form also in Hom. ω 377; in Strabo x. 2. 8 the Mss. vary between Νήρικος and Νήριτος.—15. τῶν αὐτόθεν: as in ii. 25. 18; iv. 29. 10; vi. 25. 13; vii. 34. 9.—16.

φρουρῶν: as opp. to τῶν αὐτόθεν ξυμβοηθησάντων these must be foreigners, possibly Corinthians, as in iv. 42. 17. Cf. c. 94. 4.

καὶ ὕστερον kte(.: i.e. they re-embarked and sailed off, then sent back a herald to ask for their dead, as in iv. 44. §6.—18.

ἐκομίσαντο: used esp. of the recovery of prisoners and the corpses of the slain. See on i. 113. 14.

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